being Clone is easy.
if that's your life choice then there is nothing for you here... but, starting as a clone is ok too -- this web site can help you, or - more precisely - your Internet representation as a web site, evolve into a fully grown individual.
show us a site you like and we will clone it for you, @ low cost, as cloning a clone is also easy.
the significant difference is that you will have the power to change, and change, and think, and invent, until the site is truly yours.
just contact us -- if you want to be more than a Clone.

this web site was launched in less than 30 min, for next to nothing, using 0Cell - part of the NetCells network. when we have an idea, we set it up like this - without fuss or delay - to gather data and begin its Internet journey....

now seeking CellMates for this site..